Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well we had an ok day but poor Michael has the bug again. Jamie called just as we were finishing up shooting and said he was coughing so hard he was puking. So we didnt stick around to BS we headed right out. I shot ok today I dropped 5 points total which isn't my best but far from my worse. considering how many times I have actually shot this year its really good. Ray and I tied on score but I beat him on x count. We are both close to each other all the time makes for tough shooting we never shoot together cuz we compete to much even thou we are in different classes.
So we ran and got Michael stopped at Rite Aid and got more tissues the soft ones cuz my nose is all sore and some ginger ale for Michael. The poor little guy fell asleep on the way home Ray carried him in laid him on the couch and he is still sleeping with his coat on.

Oh and you'll never believe this its STILL snowing hasn't stopped since last night wet heavy snow. YUCKY STUFF look at this I'm in the 8-14 area again.


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