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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

snow, snow go away

I am sooooo tired of snow the high today wont be over 20. Ok I'm ready for spring. Ray got out of work super early he has to go back in from 11-4 but he is home now. So daddy since your dressed can you bring Michael to school. hee hee I dont have to go out. He want to go shoot our bows before he goes back to work I just dont feel like it so we'll see what he says when he gets back.
You know that this winter I have had more colds and sniffles being home than I ever get working. See so working is good for me I cant wait to get back I feel sooo lazy. When I first got laid off I had so many things I was gonna do, go to the gym, paint the house, shoot my bow every day, and two months later I have all I can do to get my ass off the chair.

update: we are not going out to shoot this morning the roads are to yucky and its not worth it.


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