Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Had to get dressed, Michael has two guinea pigs and they can eat they went thru a big bag of hay in less then a week. So off to the pet store in 4 wheel drive.. its been raining, freezing rain, and snowing all day made for miserable driving. We then went to pick up a few groceries and Michael.

I called my stepdad today and asked him to take Michael to get a T-ball glove he played pro ball so he will know what to get and it makes him feel good. We don't have a clue. While I was talking to him my uncle Sam called to tell us he has a new grandson named Nathan. We go to archery shoots all over with uncle Sam, I called told my mom and told her about the baby. I think she was kinda bummed that he called us first b4 her. But she also thinks her brother is a quiet guy, we know the truth once he starts its hard to stop him. Its just that he has nothing in common with them. I told mom start shooting a bow and you'll see Sam more. I doubt that will ever happen.

that was my day going to watch idol and head to bed everthing else that is on tonight is a repeat.


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