Sunday, March 06, 2005


if you notice its late but I kinda did a oh oh today I went to mass to see my friends at that shoot well my buddy Matt owns an archery shop and he forgot to bring some flyers for an upcoming shoot with him so I say ok I'll call my friend Adam have him download them off my website and fax then to your hotel no prob. ok well one problem the damn link didnt work on my site aaahhh so I had to call Ray have him email them to Adam to fax them to Matt got all that. So we left the shoot when all the kids were done at 9pm and went to the outback for dinner. That is the whole reason for going down there for me we have a great time joking around at dinner. But everyone else is staying down there in hotels to shoot tomorrow and I have to drive an hour or so home YAWN....... I got in at 11;50 and being the person I am gave myself till 1 to get my site fixed so can you all go to my website go to the special events page and tell me if those two links on top work. they are adobe files Let me know thanks.
Oh and to top it off I have to be up and ready by 445 to go f***en ice fishing. I know I dont have to go if I really dont want to but I do will cuz I'm a good mommy and wife just dont ask me to drive there in the morning cuz I think I might be snooozing.
Wish me luck


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