Saturday, March 05, 2005

well last night went pretty good we stopped and got a couple of movies on our way home from shooting. Then I convinced Ray to go out to dinner and not at McD's then we stopped for ONE drink where my friend is a bartender. God forbid we stay out past 8pm. I had rented Cat Woman so we put it in and not 5 min later he is sound asleep I should have stayed at the bar at least I woudnt be talking to myself.
Anyways today I'm heading out allll by myself. There is an Archery Shoot in Mass its only like an hour 45 from here so I'm going to watch, my mom is gonna drop Michael off later and the boys are gonna to get the bait and stuff for tomorrow. I might be in late I'm staying down to go to dinner with everyone should be a good time. and yeah we have to be up at like 4am to go fishing so if I dont post till tomorrow night you know why.
see ya soon


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