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Monday, March 07, 2005

monday monday

Garfield had it so right aaaugh Monday .

So I get up and my mother calls. She tells me she doesnt like Michaels school anymore that when she went Friday he was in timeout and Saturday during Tae Kwon Do he was horsing around with another boy and he got sent off the mats the other kid didnt. So she was upset. This morning when I went in I talked to his direct teacher who is there most of the day and told her the afternoon teaches need to realize that he is 4 years old most of the rest of the kids are older (they have b4 and after school care till 6th grade there) and they need to treat them differently. she said she would look into it.

Ray had a dentist appointment (no nap for him today)so I'm waiting for him then we have to pick up Michael, bring him to meme's, Ray has to start the archery league before the monthly board meeting at the club, then come home.. So another busy day it makes me wonder how did I do all this while working at the same time. I almost dont have time to get it all done now let alone put in 50 hours a week at work too.


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