Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Well meme didnt call to say Michael was giving her a hard time today so that is good and guess what THE MITTENS FIT!!!!!! I told her to give the other pair to one of her little old lady friends. So that is done. She is gonna get Michael a game boy for easter not like he isnt spoiled enough but alot of the other boys have them at his school and he really wants to be a part of the big boys games. Thursday I go sign him up for T ball kinda like a little kids little league Ray and I want to give him the chance to try different sports and pick what he likes to do. After T ball there is soccer. This kid has alot of energy so we want to burn it off doing something instead of sitting on his butt like mommy ;)

So anyways today I didnt have to get up and bring him to school I'm still in my PJ's doing laundry and then dishes. Its raining out and that is gonna turn to snow so I think its a good day to do nothing outside.

my mom just called sometimes I think she is losing it a lady that babysat me when I was around 2 died mom said do you remember her I tell her not really I do more from trick or treating there then her watching me. She says "well do you want to go to the wake?" I'm like no mom I dont think I would even remember what she or her kids look like. she says ohh ok well have a good day. Yeah ok mom u too.


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