Thursday, March 10, 2005

Well I've gotten alot done this morning, I brought Michael to school went to register him for T-Ball and the rec building wasnt open yet the phone there said it opened at 8:30 oh well. Went and go the club mail, went back still nobody. Road around a little went back at 9 nobody ok I want to go home where the hell is everyone. So I go over to the town hall and asked guess what they moved. Was there a sign at the old building saying that nope nothing at all.
So I go to the new building and tell them they should put a sign up at the old building she said well it was put in the papers we moved in December. Ok like I buy the paper. She did say she would send someone over to put a sign up today Since the big registration is tonight and I'm sure I'm not the only one that didnt know they moved. So anyways Michael is all signed up for Tball he starts in April. It sucks that they practice on Tuesdays and have games Saturday mornings. I have to work every Saturday till noon. I might ask my boss for every other off so I can see some of his games.
Ok then I did all the clubs bills and got a deposit ready for tomorrow cuz I'm not going back out today. I am so stuffed up still and my nose is getting sore from blowing. I made some tea and am gonna work on my knitting the rest of the day. See Ya


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