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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I give up I'm sick

Its official I have a nasty cold. I hate taking stuff for a cold usually it will just go away not this time, I hit the nyquil and man do I hate that stuff. I set the vcr to tape the OC, csi and without a trace so at least I'll have something to watch tomorrow. So its gonna be an early night for me.
And GUESS WHAT MORE SNOW IS COMING just what I want another 5-10 inches of snow they just said on the news we will have gotten over 100 inches of snow this year after this storm. Isnt that nice. NOT.What are u gonna do move south I wish Ray wont go my best friend Damien is in SC and I want to go. Ray says he relocated once when he moved up here from Mass and doesnt want to relocate and start over again. I'll keep working on him.


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