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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

almost bunny day

I have been working on a knitt bunny for meme for Easter. She likes angels so this is an angel bunny. I have been working on and off on this for a month it called for such small needles I hated working on it. Yesterday I finished the actual bunny and started on its sweater I got alot of that done and will hopefully finish it today. Then I can get back to the baby blanket which works up faster. I will take pictues when I'm done.
Ray has to help a friend move after work today So we cant go get his new computer till tomorrow. I think meme is going for a ride with us. We are going to New Hampshire to get it cuz they dont have sales tax so we save more than we spend in gas. She is going to get Michael a game boy for Easter so she can save a couple of bucks too by coming with us if she wants.
So today looks pretty laid back again, I've turned intoo a sloth this will be interesting when I get back to work.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to slothdom!
Have fun in NH. I miss those road trips.
Chocolate milk windshield wash anyone?



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