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Friday, March 18, 2005

Done Done Done!!!

I did it well with Rays help I did it. I had moved what I could then got stuck cuz some of the things were just too heavy for me. I feel like such a wimp sometimes but after my neck problems I just dont dare over do it. Now that its moved around I am in the opposit corner in my recliner it feels kinda weird, a whole new look of my house. Now I am pooped and am not going to do a damn thing the rest of the night.
Tomorrow I have to go to a seminar about an hour away, I teach hunter safety and bow hunter safety classes and we are required to go to a seminar every other year and teach at least one class a year to hold our teaching cards. A buddy of ours that is also an instructor is going to pick me up save on my gas, after the seminar we have to go shopping also. The board at the fish and game club decided to spend 250. on stuff to donate to a youth fishing derby that is held in town in May.
on another note my unlce Pete is still coming over tomorrow to help Ray look for the hearing aid.


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