Monday, April 04, 2005

Well I'm kinda looking for new job I just cant risk another lay off next year.So I'm putting out a couple of feelers just to see whats out there. I have alot of qualifications by doing on my own but not many to put on paper from an actual job. so my mom is gonna help me redo my resume to make it look better. Then if something gets put on the table I can really go to my boss and finally get an answer about next winter. I like it there but I have decided this is not the place I want to retire from. No hurry but that is the root I'm taking right now.
Michael was sick again today, he got up this morning to go pee then kneeled down and started puking. So I'm like ok I got him up to quick but just in case I grab a barf bag to bring in the truck and man am I glad I did. He got sick just as we got to my moms. So I called meme and asked her if she could watch him till Ray got out of work. I'm glad she didnt have any appointments cuz my boss was out sick too and the other girl that covers for me her mom is in the hospital and has to have surgery this week sometime so I would have felt guilty taking the day off. Michael seems better tonight so I hope he can go to school tomorrow I'll keep u posted.


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did my comment go that I posted yesterday?

Anyway, hope you can find something you like.
Me? I'm gonna babysit. i don't want another roommate again for a long time.


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