Sunday, April 03, 2005

Well the shoot sucked we only had 25 people show up over two days and both Ray and I were there from 630 am till around 5 each day to watch it Rain and Rain. We had a couple of people show up to help Ray thank god or we weould still be there and we had Michael with us which didnt help at all he was good for the most part but there were times he could have easily gotten himself spanked.
Ray and I are pooped and gonna just sit here and veg the rest of the night back to work tomorrow. We switch to summer hours at work this week so I'll be there from 630 till 5 each day with an hour lunch. during the winter I get to leave at 4 but they cut the lunch back to a half hour. I think I might start working out again at lunch my boss asked me to do a 75 mile bike race in August if I can borrow a bike I might try it as long as there isnt a good 3d shoot that weekend. Ok for right now I just want to do nothing do I sound like a pro bike rider yet. I'll keep everyone posted on how I do with that.
Oh and on a final note Someone directed me to California Hammonds oh my god this man loved his wife if only every woman could find a man like him I read this entire site start to end I laughed I cried but I couldnt stop reading I think you will do the same if you go there.


At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry it didn't go so well.
Hope you get some rest and work goes quickly for you but at least you're back at work right?

Take it easy. :)



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