Saturday, April 09, 2005

hello its Satuday where did the week go. I got my first real check yesterday since being laid off finally what a relief and reviews came out I'm getting 50 more a week. I'm on salery not hourly. But still no word about lay-offs for next year.
To celebrate a real check we went out to dinner with some friends and to the piano bar we like so much, it was really dead out last night surprising cuz it was really nice weather almost no jacket weather. More on this later.
Michael spent the night at his sisters house I have to get him in a couple of minutes to go to tae kwon do. Then this afternoon we are going to my uncles house to set up my 3d bow. I have really been slacking and he got me a new site when he went south to a big shoot last weekend. This is the uncle who's daughter just had the baby. And some point today I have to clean this house it gets so screwed up in just one week of being busy or lazy.
I dont know what we are doing tomorrow I want to go shoot some skeet we'll see what the weather brings. ;)


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