Monday, April 11, 2005

oh my god did the weekend just fly by or what. We went out Friday night but I didnt feel well believe it or not I'm alergic to vodka always have been makes me sick as hell. Well we went to Applebees and I ordered a drink felt fine before I got it, took a few sips and told Ray this just doesnt taste right but I didnt say anything else. So after dinner I'm all queezy and stuff but I want to go out cuz its a treat for us to do it. We went to the piano bar and I had two more drinks I really had to nurse them down. It was really hot it there so we took off around 10 and came home. (on a good note there was a Soldier sitting behind us at Applebees he had just been in a welcome home perade they had in town eating with his family. The manager comes over and says sir how long were u gone, the soldier says 18 months I just got back last week. The manager says on behalf of Applebees I want to personally thank you for all you have done for the country the entire meal except for the tip for your entire party is on us. I wanted to cry and get up and start clapping. I had goose bumps all over.)

Saturday we went to tae kwon do then to my uncles to shoot our bows. He made us dinner and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Sunday we went and shot skeet for a couple of hours and then went to a buddys house for a b-b-q when we first got there its was warm out then the temp dropped like 20 deg in an hour we were outside and didnt stay long after we were freezing.

Today was back to work and I think everyone is getting ready for spring the phone for deliveries of yard fix up stuff didnt stop allllll day. I had two delivery trucks on all day and one booked already for most of the week. Once the overweight restrictions come down from alot of roads I'm gonna get slammed with orders. For you southerners up here in Maine when the frost is coming out of the ground the roads cant handle heavy trucks they are all mushy under the tar. When u put a heavy truck on that road it cracks it all to hell. So most of the side roads are posted till May 6 so the big trucks will keep off of them.

Ray just took off for the club and the little guy just peeded his pants again he has been having an issue with waiting till the last minute and not making it alot these past couple of weeks I think this kid has a really small bladder they checked him for a bladder infection and nothing but he has to go all the time his daddy has been telling him if he keeps it up he is getting diapers but I think we are gonna have to buy some to make the threat real. . any suggestions on this problem we have cut down his drinks, and he has no problems at night just during the day and not making it to the potty.

I missed Grays anatomy last night anyone see it, did I miss anything good. Tonight I was gonna set the vcr for medium but its not on the miss america show is on and I'm not interested. So I'm gonna do some surfing and call it a night.


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