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Sunday, April 24, 2005

soppy sunday

Well its raining again. I just fixed my last post didnt realize it was messed up til this morning. oops Ray has a shoot today at the club and the entertainment chair cant cook again I am doing dogs chips and sodas thats it no burgers or anything I am just to tired and its not my job I do enough for that damn club. I haven't been able to shoot at our own club in two years between registrations and cooking this is it my last one. We are hosting two more shoots this summer and I already told everyone dont ask. one of them is a two day state championship and I want to shoot not play hostess. yeah I'm bitter we have over 400 members in this club and can never get any help and its starting to burn both of us out.

I dont think many people are gonna show today so I'm bringing my new knitting project with me I'm making my mom one of the martha stewart coming home ponchos. Maybe for mothers day maybe for her birthday in August we'll see how it goes


At 7:56 PM, Blogger dan said...

If you have 400 members and they can't be bothered to help I think it's time you had a meeting.

These people would soon be moaning if you refused to help.


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