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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy mothers day to me!!!

Hey guess what its Raining what a surprise 3 days in a row again. But on a good note I concurred the whoopie pies Kat's mom said to add a cup of flour to the cake mix to thicken it and it worked fine, nice big fat whoopie pies.
We went around visiting today to meme's and my moms for mothers day brought them cards. I made them on the computer after seeing the prices at Rite Aid I don't think I will ever pay for cards again the good ones are all 4-5 dollars for a piece of paper wow. We have been watching star wars movies all day nothing else on and the race was last night.
Michael and Ray got me a card and Michael made me a cool paper flower in school so I have had a good so far. I wonder if my daughter will call today. I brought her to get her grandma a card yesterday and she came to Michaels t-ball game with us and today she hasn't even called me;(

The t-ball game was a riot some of the kids were running the bases the wrong way some didn't run, When the ball got hit everyone ran for it even the hitter. I think the parents did nothing but laugh the entire time.They held the game in the JR. High gym cuz of the rain hopefully Tuesday it will be dry enough out for them to practice.

To all moms that visit Happy Mothers Day to you.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day!!!

Yeah, mom is always ;)



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