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Sunday, May 15, 2005

weekend overview

The kids got up early Saturday like real early I made them all crepes and we went to the fishing derby. Again the other kids were angels mine eeerrrr. Jacks mom met us there with a friend of hers. Now mind u I have nothing against people from out of state but if I had heard I'm a city girl I don't know what u all see in this. This is boring, bitch bitch bitch. Then her kid gets called for a prize they draw names every 10 minutes or so for little prizes they are nothing fancy, her kid picks this cool little bubble blower and she completely slammed him saying I don't know why u picked that its garbage and I don't want garbage at my house your taking it to your dads. He was so happy with it when he got back and she kept at him. They were giving out gift certificates for a fun park he has a season pass to and she tells him u should have taken that u could have brought a friend there instead of picking something you could have gotten in the dollar store. The kid finally starts crying and asked her can I go trade she like NO you can not u keep your garbage now u picked it. I so wanted to hit this bitch and tell her to smarten up. Ray had moved down away from us cuz she annoyed him so much. Finally after the 10th time she says "I'm cold" her son said mom can I go to dads for the rest of the day. Thank god, poor kid.

Then there is always on dad that's an ass at an event like this. Its a kids 14 and under fishing derby. This guy is fishing with a lure and caught like 4 fish while his kid is playing 2 feet from a guardrail and the road. Then has the kid bring them to register. The kid NEVER touched the pole not once. So me being me and having already delt with the Bitch quietly couldn't keep my mouth shut. He hooks another fish and I holler over So you gonna let the kid real this one in. He starts in with me what the f is you problem no mind you every adult near us had been talking about him. He yells this in front of all the kids. Hes like u jealous u haven't caught any. I'm like nope I don't care If I catch a fish its not about the parents fishing its about the kids that's the difference between u and me. He says well my kid is tired of fishing so I"m helping him then a dad next to me says well if your kid doesn't want to fish anymore go home. The guy yells over hey Bitch mind your damn business. Another dad tells him to watch his mouth then he makes his kid come back to him as he put it to shut the bitch up and make her happy. His wife pregnant with a cig hanging out of her mouth never said a word. We all cringed when the ash from the cig falls on the kids head then he said something to her and she backhanded him upside the head. I hope these people have the kind of neighbors that turn them in to someone if they treat there kids like that at home. Then to top it all off the kid gets a trophy for the most fish and he never caught one. I so wanted to say something when they were giving the trophies out but the kid looked happy like he did something good for his daddy. I wonder who's shelf the trophy will be on.
Yesterday afternoon Ray being the nice guy told Michael if he took a nap he would take him someplace so he can actually catch a fish and they did. I had supper ready when they got him so they day ended good.
Today Ray had a shoot at the club Michael and I went up for awhile I finally had time to shoot my bow and get some site marks done. If felt good to shoot but my back is still killing me so I didn't overdo it. Just shot enough to keep my muscles in shape. Now I'm watching TV with Michael and just gonna veg till Ray gets home.


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some parents are just mega assholes eh? Damn.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger dan said...

That's a shocking story. I never cease to be shocked. I mean, in front of kids and all that.


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