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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I called the doc again today and talked to the secretary who has been there as long as Ive been seeing him almost 16 years and told her Kathy I've had enough the nurse hasnt called me back I have called every week for 3 weeks and I hurt. She said she would have him call me. We went to t-ball and my phone rang it was Kathy she talked to doc and one of his associates can see me Thursday at 4. This doc is an OD also and doc trust him and at this point I dont care. So you know where I'll be Thursday. Till then drugs are my friend. Work has been super busy so the day goes by quick but when you are sore 9.5 hours feels like 50. I'm not a winer so I'm sorry to make you read this but nothing else is really happening in my life so this will have to do.
But its NOT raining that is a good thing.

Oh I almost forgot get this I shot HALF the archery course on Saturday right, well Sunday I shot the complete course. There were 2 other woman in my class and I won can you believe this shit I gave them a 240 point advantage and I still won that cracks me up and Ray wonders why I dont like NFAA shooting I have no compitition at all. We are going to the 3d state championship in a few weeks hopefully I have someone to compete against there.
ok got to go TTFN.


At 5:18 AM, Blogger dan said...

Archery is unbelievably difficult.

I'll stick to field target shooting and I usually get beaten by 11 year old kids at that.


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