Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ok I want to kill my husband right now, we never fight but I could realllly start on in a split second just one work only one and I will snap. Breathe, breathe 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 alright I'm a little calmer. Let me explain Ray works an odd shift 2am to 11 am then he sometimes comes home and naps or plays his game. Now every afternoon I ask him little stuff to do and I mean little. I work 6:30 am to 5pm, m-f and 6-12 on Saturday, so I'm not home to do the little things.
At 4:30 am every morning I fill the washer but don't start it cuz when it gets hot it will become stinky and sour, so I fill it with cloths and leave the lid open hint, hint put soap in and start wash. Next on the list we must eat dinner and most of our meat is frozen so when I get out of work at 5 and get home at 5:30 I need to start supper right away so we can eat at a decent time. Is it difficult to remember to take out meat for supper. The third little thing we ran out of milk last night he knew this and said actually said I will pick some up tomorrow do you think he did. Nope. Oh and the last we don't have many plates he has always done the dishes and I cook and they have not been done in 3 days we were out of plates yesterday I didn't say a word.

So I come in tonight and he is playing this damn computer game he likes I say what am I making for dinner, oops I forgot to take something out. Ok so I go change my cloths the washer is still open and not started I asked him how many times did you go pee today he says why "didn't you notice the washer needed to be started?" nope. All right well we'll just have cereal for supper oops cant do that either no milk or clean bowls. So I got snippy and yes I may ask a lot of him it seams but the washer can run, and the meat can defrost while he is napping or playing his game, he can pick up milk when he gets Michael and he admitted he played his game for 4 hours today. aaahhh. I hate making list for him like a little kid but if I don't it doesn't get done at all and if I call home to remind him I feel like a nag. These are little things that have to happen in every day life and I feel he should be able to remember them like a grown man. I feel like such a bitch for bugging him, I'm just soo tired and grumpy and needed to vent. Thank for reading.

on a note he just did the dishes and went out for milk but I was pissy so I made a hot pocket for michael and told Ray to fend for himself I'm going to bed as soon as I get done typing this. I dont feel like being very friendly right now.

ps I did seduce him last night for all the good that did today.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger eric said...

my wife has to do the same thing with me.

it's not that we don't care. we just don't care to the same degree. maybe that's wrong. or maybe meeting in the middle is what's right.



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