Thursday, June 09, 2005

The doc I saw was pretty cool he snapped,cracked and popped me all over. He said my syatic (sp) nerve was messed up he wants to give what he did today a couple of weeks and if it still hurts he will inject it. So I set up the appointment just in case.

Now about the mother in law. Well lets see where to start, how about I really feel this woman doesnt like me at all. She would prefer I was a stay at home mom do nothing but cook and clean for her son and not have Michael in daycare. She has never actually come out and said that but I can feel it. you know how you can just tell. Well anyways she and her husband moved from Florida a couple of years ago to the very top of Maine why cuz the man is fucked up thats why. So last winter they decide to go back to florida till it gets warm here again. So the other night he calls and says to Ray you need to go to florida and get your mother she lost it. So Ray calls her apparently they were going to come back next week and he got a bug in his ass that he wanted to leave that day and when she said no I have to much to get ready before we go so he just upped and left. The man irritates everyone around him and just decides to move instead of facing them. To make a long story short he is back in northern Maine she is in Florida, Rays sister is going to fly down there next week and drive back with her. And she asked Ray if she could live with us till the house in Maine sold and she could buy another one near us.
The woman drives me nuts but what am I going to say to Ray. She puts rubber mats in the bottom of my sink damn slime collectors in my opionion, she wears rubber gloves to do dishes and doesnt even have good nails. She insist on doing laundry even after I tell her she doesnt need to wash my cloths she is guarenteed to shrink at least one of my shirts every load. aaahhhh
not to mention what little sex life Ray and I have will shrink to nill. ok I know I will have a built in babysitter but that is not good enough for me I feel so out of place in my own home when she is here like I should just go to bed when I get home, its like she is watching me eat thinking man this girls a pig, no I'm not parinoid everything that she has every bought me has been a M or L lady I'm 5'9 and weigh 190 I am NOT A MEDIUM. geesh its like she is hinting. of course she is like 5'3 and maybe 130 Rays sister is even smaller.
I did tell Ray tho that she is NOT coming on our camping trip on July 4th weekend that is for us as a family and our friends we or should I say I would not have fun if she was with us. and he aggreed that she would not go. Thank god for that and I am going to get a basket for my laundry to kinda keep it away from her. hey what are u gonna do Ray loves his mom so I'll try and bite my tongue and keep thinking its only temporary, its only temporary LOL.
Other than all of this my week has been pretty unproductive. Hope yours is going good. Later


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EEEEK!! I feel for ya girl. Oh my god, I think I would go nuts having her around myself.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger Marlboro Man said...

Don't ya love in-laws...I feel your pain...been there...done they are gone. YIPEEE!!!! ;-)

At 12:49 AM, Blogger eric said...

my condolensces.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger dan said...

mine too.


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