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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Two days down

Well I have survived two days, my house is clean my family is fed, the floor is washed and not by me. She makes me feel like I never do anything, my house is lived in not filthy. Oh well on a good note she has already been looking for a house of her own, in the same mobile home park as us but out of my house so that is ok.
I went to the dentist and doctors today got my teeth cleaned and then my back shot. The doc shot it up with a general anesthetic and then put cortisone in my hip. He said this is not a permanent fix but if it works we will fix it with Prolotherapy. It is for Sciatica. Right now it feel great I am a little sore from the injection itself but I just went to Rite Aid and walked around No pain. But he did tell me what he did today is very short term and when it wears off which could be 12-20 hours I MIGHT hurt like hell or feel ok no way of knowing that's why the trip to Rite Aid for pain killers. For just in case. So if it does hurt I have something.
My sunburn is still a little sore but I'm so happy my back feels ok I can live with the burn.
I soo want to call in sick tomorrow There is a big Parade for La Kermesse in Biddeford and it starts at 5:30 Ray, Michael and the rest of my family are going early but if I work I don't get out till 5 and its a 35 min ride with no traffic and I am guessing there will be a lot of traffic always is I might have to take every shortcut I know to sneak thru town and do a lot of crossing my fingers and swearing. I might beg my boss who is leaving at noon to have another guy cover for my last hour I doubt it will work cuz I left early today and I m coming in late on Monday Jamie is getting her wisdom teeth out. Poor kid but at least she will never have to do it again.
Ok I'm heading to bed the MIL just came out to watch TV with us so I'm outta here.


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