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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

long winded update

This is gonna be a kinda lengthy post so I’m gonna write it in word then cut/paste into blogger it seams like every time I write a large post it wont go thru and I lose it.
It’s not like I haven’t wanted to post I have been really busy and now that I’m done with all my fish and game stuff I have been spending a lot more time with my family less on the computer. And with MIL not back still it’s be wonderful especially now that I stopped spotting ;)
Ok so my last week lets see Thursday must not have been too special I cant remember what I did.
Friday night was spent at home I had to work Saturday. When I got out of work Saturday we had to go pick up the pig we bought from the farm. It had just come back from the butcher shop. On our way there Jamie called and asked if Michael could spend the night with her. Ray and I were like no problem he’s all yours. So we went fishing for awhile caught a couple of little ones and that’s it.
Sunday I got to perform a wedding, I am a notary public for the state of Maine and one of the things I can do is perform weddings. My aunt had called me on Friday and said her husband’s niece was coming in town and wanted to be married on the beach, she is from Tenn. We didn’t have any other plans so I was like ok this should be fun my first wedding. It went off great they had downloaded some vows so I had to pretty much just read off the paper, there were only 10 of us there, the sun was shining and they both said yes so what more can you ask for. Sunday night we took Michael fishing with us for a little bit cuz he didn’t get to go Saturday Yeah we fish a lot its cheap and its cooler at the beach that at our house. I bring my book or knitting and sit on the rocks if I get a bite I put my stuff down and real the fish in.
Monday my boss let me out of work a little early cuz I had to bring the marriage license to town hall the person that performs the ceremony has to be the one to bring it in and they were going back to Tenn. Tuesday morning and needed to get an official copy before they left. My boss is kinda cool about stuff especially since he is doing a wedding this weekend himself so he is gonna have to leave early this Monday.
Tuesday ITS FUCKEN HOT OUT kat I don’t know how you do it this,it is day four of high temp and high humidity here your nuts living with this all the time I’m ready for fall, this heat is not going away till this weekend. Aaahhhgg
Wednesday Lets see today mmm nothing special its still FUCKEN HOT out and I still haven’t heard from my doctor about my test results yet I’m gonna call them tomorrow I’ve been patient but I need to know. Oh Ray did take both kids(unlucky him) to the regular docs today Michael woke up or should I say wouldn’t go to bed last night cuz his ear hurt, he has been coughing for a couple of weeks so we thought they were connected the doc said nope the ear is a little red and that’s it. The doc does want us to give him ear plugs when he goes swimming with school and put him on antibiotics just in case. Jamie’s little cousin jumped on her last weekend and hurt her ribs the x-ray machine was busted so her dad is going to take her in tomorrow to have them done in case the rib is cracked he more thinks they are just bruised either way there isn’t much they do for bruised or broken ribs anyways.

On a final note my friend Pam from work brought in Harry Potter on Monday and let me read it before she did, (she is in the middle of another book) I finished it today. The last 100 pages are the best I am really looking forward for the next book now. The first 500 pages were just ok. I know they give you a lot of background on Tom Riddle I just want more action. I have one question for all the other Potter readers out there. If you have read the new one you will more understand this. Bill’s fiancé Fleur where did she come in on the other books I remember the name but that is it I don’t remember anything else about her. Can someone please refresh my memory for me? Thanks
Ok I got to go I’ll try to be a better blogger but I have been busy.


At 8:21 AM, Blogger dan said...

I can't remember where she came in either. I'll ask my neice. She might know.

I'd love to be able to perform wedding ceromonies, but I'd be tempted to say, you may now take the bride back to the hotel room and give her a really good seeing to.

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't recall her much, know the name.

That's cool you did your first wedding.

Still waiting on my docs to call me back as well.
It sucks.




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