Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm a boring person lets see so far this week I finished the mittens to go with my moms sweater and decided to get brave and make a felted hat I have never felted anything I figured the most I could do is mess it up and have to trash it. Its worth a try.
the good news is my dad will be home tomorrow he went to Texas to get his girlfriend they seperated about a year ago and decided to try again so he flew out to get her and bring her back to Maine. Katy is really cool she has fibromialgia and when she was here last time she was real sick she found some new meds and feels great now so hopefully her and dad can make it work this time.
oh I decided today I am going to throw my mom a suprise birthday party, I've called a couple of people that are going to help me fool her. Should be fun its going to be on the 26th. I'll keep you posted.
Have a great week everyone I'll try to do something more exciting to post about later.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger dan said...

M, you're a long way from boring.

I'm just amazed you find any time at all to blog with your hectic life.


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