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Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok I'm back

I'll tell you about my weekend first then about this morning.
My little guy Michael is in Tao kwon do he started last November with daycare as part of the after school activities, he really liked it so we started bringing him to the Saturday AM sessions. He has been doing great once every 3 months they test to get their next belt. I usually have to work Saturday but I begged for this one off so I could see his testing, and let me tell you that little guy is incredible for his age. He got his next belt which is yellow then the instructor announced that there would be no more Saturday classes till after Labor day then he looks right at Michael and says don't worry Mike I would like you to start coming to the Monday & Wednesday night classes from 6-7 this is the class for 6-12 year olds he isn't even 5 yet. He was sooo proud I thought I would cry myself. So as a treat for doing so good he got one $10 toy at Walmart and yesterday he got to go where ever he wanted so we went to the Gray Animal Park. It is a wildlife rehab for all Maine animals we had a great time. Last night we went to my moms for dinner his favorite again chicken on the bone and corn on the cob. To say the least the little guy had a great weekend.
Saturday night my daughter came over, she got her driving permit last Wednesday so we went to pick up the rest of the pig we had smoked and she drove all the way, She is a much better driver than I thought she would be only scared me once in the round a bout in Gorham other than that she did ok. Saturday night Ray and I went out fishing from about 10pm to 2am by the time we got home and into bed it was like 3 and of course Michael wanted to get up early that never fails. We caught a few small fish nothing to brag about like earlier in the year. We go out at that time to try and catch the tide while it is high they say the fishing is better at high tide but it didn't prove it to me on Saturday.

ok and now about today. Can I say ouchy uncomfortable ouchy. It wasn't as bad and I anticipated but it still was very uncomfortable. The entire procedure took maybe 15 minutes. He froze my cervix twice and told me my insides were -79 deg. that's nice it felt crampy but not cold from what he says the cervix doesn't have nerves that are sensitive to cold or heat but the fluids around freeze and make it enlarge that's why I felt the cramps. This doctor is wonderful he explains everything. He did say that I was lucky that if I didn't have pap test and physicals on a yearly basis we might not have caught this as early as we did and in 5 or 6 years it might have been cancer with a different outcome. Now I have to go back to him in a month for a quick recheck then to my regular doctor for a pap test every 3 months till I get 2 clean test in a row after that back to once a year unless something changes. So it was a relief that everything went so well its still nerve racking no matter what they say ( I cheated my nerves and took one of my valium I have for my neck before I went, shhh don't tell) I'm a little crampy right now, Ray drove me home and is going to get my script for some cream I need, I am going to play this up to my advantage and be to crampy for work tomorrow who knows by then it might actually hurt like hell anyways we'll see.

The rest of the day will be spent on the recliner vegging with my knitting and doing nothing tonight I get to take Michael to his first nighttime lesson I'm excited for him. He will be the youngest in the class and the lowest rank for now I think it will motivate him to get better than the big kids.
Have a great day. I'll be around tomorrow I'm sure.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger dan said...

sounds like you've been having it a bit rough.

any kind of surgical procedure is bad enough, but that' know...

it's cool that your kid is doing great at martial tao kwon thingy.


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