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Saturday, August 20, 2005

craft fairs suck

I sold NOTHING today it was drizzly and not many people were around its gonna rain harder tomorrow. That was a good 50 donated to childrens mircle network. I would have just liked to make my table fee back I took it out of bill money and this just sucks. I have to pick which bill not to pay now. yes I'm fustrated the only good thing is that I got a couple of knitting ideas. one of them was making little purses or clutch bags. I plan on making them in school colors for the local towns. Something the teen girls might like, Katie (dads girlfriend) and I went to AC Moore after we packed up and I got two skeins of yarn in the school colors to make me feel better about having such a crappy day. And if its gonna rain tomorrow I wanted something to do while watching it. If any of you want to see more of my lamps let me know they are 15 plus shipping.
Ok I need to know knit and watch nothing on TV.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger dan said...

i reckon bad weather puts people off from spending


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