Sunday, August 14, 2005

nothing exciting on the homefront this week. I worked everyday and yesterday I came home at noon and got a message that MIL is returning. So I came home and cleaned cleaned cleaned, did the carpets the floors everything. I got kinda aggrivated with some things and decided to go visit my friend mary lou she is a bartender I just had to sneak out for a few I was going nuts. This morning I was working on the hat I'm making mom to go with the sweater and she walked in I asked her did you see mom's sweater I finally finished you know she couldnt say its nice but you need to put it on something other that a wire hanger she just said yeah I saw it and thats the wrong hanger to use. I told her thats all I had and nobody had ever told me not to use one. Its not really what she said it was how she said it all snippy. Then she decided to go back to her house up Maine for a couple of weeks. See ya dont let the door hit you on the way out. Sorry But she and I like each other but not to live together to stressfull.
There was a big craft fair in Cumberland that I wanted to go to and I realized something today, I have no friends that live near me and want to do stuff with. I only had family to call and nobody wanted to do anything. I was so bummed I so need to make some new friends after having a good cry in my room about having no friends Ray the loving hubby offered to go with me even tho he didnt want to. I love him so much. We decided the lamps I made last year would be a hit at this fair there was nothing like them there lots of soaps and cheap jewelry. Kat you would do good there too. So next year I might try to get a table depending on the price but if some of these people can do it I should have no problems. what do you think I sell them for 15 right now but i have an idea on how to make them better. I might just frost the jar and then get white shades and stencle them with moose, deer trees etc the only shades I would continue to buy would be the light houses and apples they went really well I kept selling out.

ok I have to go work on my moms hat her birthday is only a week away. Have a good week.


At 12:39 AM, Anonymous notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

Those are gorgeous!

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

Very pretty jars you've made! Another Mainer here. I've linked you on my site. Your archery compettitions look very interesting (I checked out your archery site) and your family is avid outdoor people I take it? So are we. Hunting & fishing is king around here.

I'll be back for more reading!


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