Sunday, September 04, 2005

Well today wasnt as good for the yard sale but its not like I had a hell of alot to do anyways.
Tomorrow is going to be hell in the morning. Michael has two guinea pigs well he did have two he now has one. He had a brown one named bullseye like the horse in toy story and Jesse like the cowgirl. Bullseye hasnt been right since Thursday, she has been just lying around not active. We tried everything giving her, her favorite foods cleaning the cage twice nothing made her feel better. The other night we talked to Michael about how she was getting older and might go to heaven soon and he got really upset. Tonight I had a weird feeling so I went in to check on them. She was just lying there so I picked her up. She started purring then started jumping like she had the hickups, But I think she was having a seizure or something. I put her back in the cage and Jesse came right over to her and started chirping put her head on bullseyes back then just walked away. I reached in and she was gone. Shit I couldnt help but cry myself. Michael was already sleeping but he will know when he gets up that she is gone. Ray wrapped her up and put her in a box so they could bury her tomorrow.
I dont know if bringing her to the vet would have helped or not I did call Friday and just to bring her in was $75 I just couldnt do .That sounds sick I'm sure if we cared we would have paid it right, but we decided it could be old age more than anything being over 3 years old and really couldnt justify spending that much. We wont be replacing her.
Its going to be a really hard day tomorrow. And we still have to do some school shopping sometime in the morning. Then we had planned on going to the club and sighting the guns in for deer season. Its weird we hunt for our food can raise rabbits, pigs etc and know they are food. It doesnt bother us when they die. Even Michael understands but losing a damn guinea pig made me cry like a baby.I think I got it all tonight so I can be strong for him tomorrow. At least I'm not working and he doesnt have daycare tomorrow so Michael can have a day to be upset if he wants to. Now I just home that Jesse doesnt get sick we got them at the same time and they have always been together.
I'm gonna watch the Nascar race for a little while and head to bed have a good Labor Day.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger dan said...

$75 dollars is a bit steep.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Fate said...

Awwww. The Brat's first pet death was a hamster. ~sigh~ We still miss that darned hamster. Funny isn't it?


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