Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The wedding Saturday was a blast it was BYOB that was nice save money on booze. Sunday we went to the fair. It was about an hour north of us it was a nice down home county fair. The big Fair in Maine is in October.

I have not heard anything about any of the jobs I applied for yet. I am hopeful about one of them. A buddy of mine works there and he called the head honcho and gave me a reference already.

Hey want to hear a funny one Best buy whom I think sucks ass fucked up somehow. Did I tell you about my digital camera. It all of a sudden stopped working the lens wouldn't open or close just made a buzzing noise like it was stuck. So I return it to Best Buy I had this camera 11 months and still owe money on it. So they take it and send it to Sony and tell me I'll get a call with an estimate to fix it. I wait like 3 weeks and call them it had been back at there store for a week so I ask what is the cost he said its not on here I don't think there is any. So ray goes and picks it up they tell him there is no cost because it was broke from dropping it. Well this camera never comes out of the case unless its being used it was NOT dropped. So I was pissed and just thru it on the counter. Last night I said the hell with it if they wont fix it what's the worse I can do break it I was going to take it apart. So I put the batteries in it and you'll never believe this it worked. I don't know for how long but for now I'm happy.
I have knitted two purses so far with school colors maybe they will sell better than the lamps do at the fair. We'll see. I'll take some pictures tomorrow now that I have a camera again.


At 12:18 AM, Blogger dan said...

consumer law sucks.

the shops always have the upper hand. i'd still write a shitty letter to sony saying you won't buy their products again.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger dan said...

tahnks for that link. i've always wondered about that when watching american films.

drinking at 9am? i guess it's okay if you've had a good breakfast.

At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would write a letter too. Best Buy does suck.



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