Thursday, September 01, 2005

I just had to add word verification I got spammed in my comments sorry for the inconvenience.

I just uploaded some new pictures in my photo album. A bunch of family pictures and some new knitting pictures of the new little purses I have been making I plan on selling them for 15 at the craft fair. If anyone on here wants one I can make them any colors with any 3 letters on them any more letters it just doesn't look right. They are about 6 +- inches tall. I would have to add a couple bucks for shipping but that shouldn't be much. The first big backpack that Michael is wearing was a trial thing that one is a hell of a lot more work than the little ones.

Ray and I were talking tonight about the hurricane and how we could help. I told him now that I'm done with the club if I find a job that allows it I would like to become a red cross volunteer. They only require a two week at a time commitment in a crisis if you want to do more you can. A lot of employers will pay you for your time off for something like this. I have always volunteered in some way or another. Being done with the club seemed like a good thing at the time but now I am lost. But not really I have my family, knitting, archery and work but something is missing, maybe this is it. I guess I have a need to be needed. The lady at work that taught me to knit said I the type of person that has to feel like I have to be helping someone, I should have been a nurse. She also said that is problably why I was with an alcoholic, wife abuser for so long I was trying to help him, he needed me to take care of him, to fix him. I did that all right I divorced his sorry ass. Oops sorry I went off on my own little thing there for a minute. But he was a sorry ass.
So anyways depending on when and if I find a job I really think I am going to look into the red cross.

I hope everyone that I know is safe and want you to know you all are in my thoughts.

Not much is going on around here this weekend I think I'm going to have a yard sale and make some money to put aside for fuel. Actually I need to buy wallpaper for my kitchen I stripped the old stuff off while I was laid off last winter and haven't had the money for anything new. So I hope I can get rid of some of this junk.
ok I got to go for tonight. Stay safe.


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