Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well its been an interesting week so far. For the good news I got a job interview today with the company that is right around the corner from my house, and it went great now the bad news I went to the doctors today and he of course wants to run some really expensive test on me. Now it might take a few weeks to get into this specialist. If I take the new job that is if he offers it to me I will have to give my current job a two week notice and the new company has a 90 day wait for the insurance to kick for 2 1/2 months I wont have insurance on me or the family and there is no way I can afford to cobra (pay myself) for the insurance. So now I wait for the doc to call with the appointment date and the new company to call and offer me a job. Me who has no patience. I don't know what to do last time something like this happened it was 3 years ago, there was a job I reallly wanted and for out on new years eve that I didn't get it two days later I found out my neck was broken. If I had gotten the job and taken it I wouldn't have had insurance to get it fixed. Now I'm in the same situation. I sooo hope that everything works out this time I so need something to go right.
Yesterday I got a letter from Michaels teacher that he hasn't been paying attension at school not listening at all and always disrupting things. He has been kinda like that at home too we have been giving him time outs and taking away privileges and its not working, yet. I hope its just a faze he is going thru.
Ok I'm going to watch LOST have a great night.


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