Thursday, September 22, 2005

know what sucks when you are a knitter you want one pattern and the only thing you can find it in is a book. I so want to make this sweater.
its a bolero jacket in the debbie bliss simply soft book But I dont want to spend $16 for one pattern. I cant even put it in my wish list for amazon cuz its not on there list. the only thing about the sweater I did notice is I need to figure out how to make it a little bigger but I believe that the lady at work knows how to do that. The best sweaters arent made to fit real woman I ususally take an xl/xxl but I knit tight so I need to always need to make things even bigger. oh well I'll find something close I'm sure. I did make a bunch more little purses I need to take pictures of this week I hope they sell at the fair.

Anywho tomorrow I have the day off not for anything fun Ray's grandfather passed away last weekend and we are driving to Mass. for the services tomorrow. One of those neccesary evils that you must do. Grandpa had been sick for quite sometime and we knew it was coming but it still sucks when it does happen.
On a good note if there is one we will see Ray's dad who we havent seen since his house burnt down last January. He has been staying with his stepdaughter while they are rebuilding. Michael is spending tomorrow night with my grandmother in case we are running late she is going to pick him up at school and keep him for the night. Saturday I have to work and Ray is going to take him to dance and stuff. Thats about it for us. See ya all soon I'm going surfing while I watch CSI.


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