Friday, October 21, 2005

I cant believe I haven't posted all week. Its been a crazy week. Monday I had to go to a consult with a doctor a new one this one about a completely different problem.
let me tell you about the rest of the week first so if you don't want to continue you don't have to. Wish I knew how to do one of those drop down things oh well. So Monday was the doc, Tuesday was a boring day at work. Wednesday my boss being a hunter himself let me come in late for work so I could get a morning of bowhunting in before rifle season starts next Saturday(didn't see anything). Thursday and Friday kind of like a punishment for letting me out hunting he sent me to another division of the company one that has a wopping 5 maybe 10 customers ALL day. I got a shitload of knitting done. The sweater I'm making for katy so far has a back two front halves and a quarter of the sleeves done. All that since last Sunday a record for me. I sooo cant wait for this new job to start, not that I don't mind knitting at work and getting paid for it but man I want to use my brain for a change. Nothing like coming home from work tired from not doing anything all day. Tomorrow I have to work my last Saturday hopefully ever then we are going to chuck e. cheese for a birthday party for one of Michaels little buddy's. Sunday guess what its going to rain again so maybe I'll finish the sweater. Once I get it done and put together I am going to mail it to MIL it has a crochet band all the way around and I haven't learned how to do it yet. (she did sell the spinning wheel without letting me try it) But she said she would do this part of the sweater for me I hope she doesn't change her mind.

Ok this is kinda disgusting docor stuff but its my blog and I can post whatever I want right. For about 3 months I have been having a problem. After every meal within 2 hours I have to go to the bathroom and its not pee. Like it just runs right thru me and that no exaggeration. It was tolerable till it starting waking me up 2 or 3 times a night. Then it started getting so bad that I don't want to go out to eat or eat with friends cuz I wont make it home without having to go. I had talked to the obgyn when I went to him for the cervix thing and he said talk to my primary So I finally got in with him. He sent me to a specialist in Gastroenterology. That is who I saw on Monday. So now he got me in this coming Monday for a Colonoscopy I hear the prep is worse than the procedure. I cant have anything solid Sunday or Monday my appt is at 1:30 Monday all juice and jelly for 2 days I'm gonna be starving. Then I have to take some stuff Sunday night that is gonna make me poop my brains out. They are going in both ways Ray asked if they were going to meet in the middle I'm like yuck honey. I am going to be kinda put to sleep liquid vallium to relax me. I hear that is good stuff. They wanted me to go back in on Nov 7 for a follow up but I told the nurse I cant because of the new job the nurse was cool, She said to tell him and he could probably just call me with the results. ok no more gory details. I'll let you know if I survive on Monday. I'm not working before the appointment or after. hopefully I feel well enough to go in on Tuesday I want to really say good-bye to alot of my good friends/customers. Ok I think I made up for not posting all week SEE YA


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At 5:40 AM, Blogger dan said...

hope the colonoscopy doesn't go too bad.

like you say, the prep is the worst, not being able to eat and all that laxative.

i'm just curious as to how much dairy food and wheat you eat in your diet.


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