Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well I just made my reservations to go to Boston Sunday no turning back now. I want to go to this knit out and I'm going alone,fuck it.
I still haven't heard from the job but I think I got an appointment with a specialist on the 14th long story. Anyways I begged that it not take to long for an appointment since I would only have insurance from the time I give my notice for 2 weeks. I think I cursed myself by talking about the job so much it would be to much to actually get something I wanted. I told Ray today that I think I used all my good luck up when I broke my neck so now I have none left can something like that happen I don't really know.
We went tonight to pick up Michaels birthday present from us. He had to come cuz we needed to make sure it fit. Now don't freak out we bought him a real small 22 rifle. The one we had given to us was just to big for him he couldn't shoot properly. Before I get lectured we only let him shoot at the range with proper equipment under direct supervision. He doesn't even know where the guns are kept in the house under lock and key. He is going hunting for birds with Ray next weekend and bringing it with him. He wont have any ammo it will be a learning weekend for him how to carry it safely, put it in the truck, pass it to someone etc. We are both completely safety oriented we wont let him shoot in the field till he proves to us that he is ready 100%, and not until then. He was so proud in the store he didn't stop talking to everyone around that would listen. But by the time we got all the paperwork done and background check, Michael was getting tired and cranky to go home. We were smart on one thing we brought pj's with us knowing its a long ride home and we were right he fell asleep and when we got home he went right to bed. And that's what time it is for me time to go to bed. Good-night where ever you are.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger amyleroy said...

We totally agree on guns and safety. My children have inhereted their dad's childhood gun, but as you stated the safety comes first.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

"Safety first around guns" is the best and you are doing a great job on the way you are teaching your son. Our daughter has a .22 Cricket which is perfect for her size. She also hasn't even had ammo in it yet... she's still learning about carrying the gun, care of it, the safety issues etc... You never can be too careful in teaching them respect for guns.

Have a greta time in Boston tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be great!

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Marlboro Man said...

Very cool. My guy is a little too young yet, but safety first is the right way. You guys have it figured out. Talk soon....


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