Friday, November 04, 2005

well I survived my first week at the new job. I really like it and except for the loud guy that tells you his entire life story Everyday its not bad. Alot of paperwork so I stay busy. I only know how to do a couple of things so far and I didnt have much down time at all. There is a lady there who's husband also has crohns so when I had to go for my weekly blood test today I had someone to talk to that understood why I had to go so often. (I have to get a white blood count every week for the next couple of months) These test are to make sure my meds aren't dropping my count down to low but at the same time are helping with my problems, they seem to be so far. I still have to get some more xrays done then a follow up with the doc. I tell you I really lucked out finding a job that had no wait insurance it went into effect the day I started I can only immagine what it would have cost to Cobra my family insurance. wow.
Tomorrow we are going hunting its my turn to get a big deer so the freezer will be really full and last all winter. Sunday they say it might rain in the afternoon I want to go get an electric blanket or one of the warming blankets that you put under the sheets I dont know which is better I'll have to ask around anyone got an opinion on this? I know most of my readers live in warm weather but a few are 4seasoners like me. Ok the boys are on there way home from getting hair cuts I have to start dinner have a great weekend.


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