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Monday, October 31, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Well Friday was my last day at my old job. It was kinda sad but only two people really bothered me to say good bye to one of them was the lady that taught me how to knit and the other was the boss that I worked with closely every day. Pam had made me a cake and had everyone sign a card for me on Monday when I was out. She also gave me a gift card for AC Moore my favorite craft store. That night a bunch of us well about 6 went out for beer and happy hour. I'm glad my buddy Mark came with us and drove me home. He was staying over anyways cuz Saturday was opening day for hunting season.
Saturday morning we set out at 5 am drove all the way to Windham about 30 minutes to get in the woods early. Mark asked Ray 3 times if he had everything yup got it all. We get to Windham and forgot one thing Bullets gee honey are we gonna throw the guns at the deer. So we drop Mark off and head home. Get the bullets and drive all the way back, (still forgot the camera) I guess we got in the stand early enough cuz Ray got a 107 lb doe. I know some people don't like hunting BUT we eat everything we shoot. Unless its food we don't hunt it. So went we got home Ray brought it to the butcher shop, we sometimes cut them up ourselves but this time I wanted good roast and sausage we will pay to have it processed.
Yesterday I had a table at the craft fair. I sold 3 lamps and 2 purses that's it. I was bummed I think I am going to try and put the night lights on eBay and see what happens. Try one and go from there. I hate paying a table fee and sitting there all day when it was beautiful and not making any money. I already spent what I made. After the show I went to old navy and bought myself a new pair of pants and shirt to wear for my first day at my new job. I am nervous but not I know its the right thing to do but its still kinda scary. You never know maybe I'll make a friend over there. From what I saw tho I think I will be the youngest one there, again. Oh well I got to go so I'm not late I have to drop Michael off at daycare before I go in, My mom isn't bringing him anymore she starts a new job next week herself a lot closer to home. I went from 50 miles a day to 14 she is going for 30 to 3. (Kat she is working the college on pool rd where we used to go to the docs remember.)
Ok nerves are setting in got to go. Wish me luck.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course I remeber Pool road docs. That was kinda far out there but not too bad.

Hope the new job is going well.



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