Sunday, November 06, 2005

No, deer yesterday and I got nothing done today in the yard to much rain.
I have been sick all day. I thought the new medication was helping so either its not or I have the flu. I woke up had a drink of juice and ran to the bathroom and lost it, I have also had the runs all day again, why cant I feel better. I thought I was feeling better so we ventured to Walmart, Ray had to drop me off at the door cuz I had to run to the bathroom, made it half way around and had to go again. This so sucks I couldnt even finish shopping I started sweating and told Ray I had to go outside so I left him with the cart and went in the truck. I have to go for a recheck with the doc soon maybe we can get a med that helps. Ok I go to go we finally bought an electric blanket, Ray wont use his side but I hate getting into a cold bed, and its cheaper than buying another heater so I need to go warm up the bed. See ya soon


At 3:36 AM, Blogger dan said...

sorry i haven't dropped by ina while and more sorry that you have crohn's disease.

i figured on IBS or crohns.

i know people with crohns and know what you must endure. hopefully, they'll find a cure one day.

best wishes.


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