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Sunday, November 13, 2005

what a weekend

What a weekend I am soooo tired right no I want to go back to work to rest.
Saturday we went hunting and guess what I got one!!!! A little buck actually a button buck which means that the horns were actually little buttons less than 3 inches long So you have to tag it a doe. I had a doe tag thats why to me it didnt matter if it had horns or not. I was standing on a pole line and it came out running at the guys figure about 130-140 yards away. I hit it with one shot just in front of the hind quarters. He went down so quick in the grass that I couldnt tell if he went down or kept running. I was pretty high up and across a brook, the guys were all on the other side of the brook so they dragged it over to me so I could clean it up. We then took it to the tagging station and the butcher shop. Here is one picture for you now please if you are against hunting I'm sorry but this will feed us for 3 months easily and save us lots of money.

Today we got a call at 5:30AM from a local Police Dept figures someone hit a deer and they wanted us to come pick it up. (which we frequently do) funny thing is we could have slept in but we were both kinda awake when they called. So Ray got up and went to get the deer. We had already made plans today to remodel the bathroom, my mom and step dad were coming over at 9 to help, so I got up and started cleaning the bathroom and picking up before they got there. When Ray got back we hung the deer and made some calls for help to cut it up in the afternoon. So anyways mom played with Michael, Roland and Ray went to the bathroom and I helped our buddy Tim cut up the deer. Mark came over just in time, when mom and Roland were leaving he showed up took over for me with Tim and I went to help Ray. The bathroom came out incredible. I absolutly love it. We recased in the window put in a new mirror, and retiled the floor, peeling the old floor was a bitch we had to scrape alot of crap off of it. Here are some before and after pictures. So as you can see we had a busy but productive weekend.Sorry about the sun in the first picture thats the side it is on in the AM and as you can see it was dark out when we got done


At 7:24 AM, Blogger Kari said...

Nice deer, nice bathroom

At 7:25 AM, Blogger dan said...

intersting post.

glad to see the crihn's isn't stopping you from getting out.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

Your bathroom came out awesome! And nice button buck too. A friend of our got a 120lb doe out back of our house this past Saturday. He was all tickled.


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