Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm sorry I didnt make it back the other night. I havent stopped one minute till just now. we are all soo tired I think everyone will be sleeping by 7 tonight.
Yesterday Michael and I got up early went to McDonalds for breakfast then drove almost 2 hours to pick up the new windows for the house (we actually have a trailer and its hard to find windows that fit thats why we had to go so far), Ray had went bow hunting with uncle sam for a couple hours.So then we all met at home around 10 spent 2 hours trimming bushes around the house. Then we had to get ready to go to a christmas party for the part time job Ray has it was a nice party alot of people with new babies the boss looked over at us and said "Well I think I know what all my emplyees do on their off time have you seen all the babies around here" Then we went intown Portland to ride the Narrow Guage RR and see Santa I had planned on coming home between the Party and going to Portland to get warmer jackets but we ran out of time so I froze but Michael got to ride the train so he was happy.
Last night Michael woke up around 10 and started puking he had Ray and I up every hour all night. He messed up his bed, the rug in the hall, and got it all over himself nothing like waking up to puke all over YUCK. I went out around 9am to get Michael some medicine and I called my mom to ask her if she could come over and help me with Michael and the house. I was soo tired and we had to get those window changed today. My stepdad was coming over around 12 when he got out of work to help anyways. So she comes over now my mom has an older mustang rear wheel drive and what does it start doing Snowing. Roland my stepdad doesnt want her out in that car and I learned why today. So anyways she offers to take Michael back to her house for awhile so we can start on the windows. About 10 minutes after she left I get a phone call she is stuck the road is sooo icy she cant move. I have 4 wheel drive so I told her I would be right there. I saw 3 accidents on my way there I was sliding myself you couldnt get any traction. I get to them, Michael is panicking about seeing everyone crash. I told my mom I would drive her car and she can take my truck. What a mistake. I couldnt move it around the corner oh my god what a nightmare. We are sitting at this corner and I cant get her car to go, I decided screw it and backed down a side street into a parking spot and walked back to my mom and Michael at the intersection. I'm standing on the passenger side of my truck telling my mom we'll come back for her car later when WHAM this guy slides around backward and takes the drivers side door out of his car on my back drivers side bumber. The truck slid about 4 feet right into me. I cant remember when I have ever moved so fast. Next thing you know a mini van sides into a parked car across from us. I'm like mom pull my truck into that parking lot I told the guy that hit me to pull out of the way this corner is getting bad there is a big hill on one side and we were at the bottom. We call the police and in the next 15 minutes there were 4 more accidents right there I'm so glad I made my mom move or we would have gotten hit at least 2 more times. So we wait for the PD and wait there were accidents all over town. A cab came sliding down the hill just as some guy came around the corner with his dog I could see what was going to happen and screamed MOVE!!! He grabs his dog gets about 4 feet and the cab jumps the corner right where he was and hits the brick house. The chick backs the cab off the curb says did I brake the house the guy who must have shit himself says no she says good and leaves she never even got out and looked at the front of the cab.
I had no damage at all on my truck luckily nothing not even a dent on my bumper well a little black paint but thats it the guy that hit me had no window on the drivers side and couldnt even open his door but he looks at me and saya hey I just have liability ins you have no damage I can get a door at the junk yard do you care if we wait for the PD. I told him I dont care but I want your name and number just in case. So we took off but since I had called the PD when it happened I told mom that I wanted to stop at the station and tell them what we decided so I didnt get into trouble for leaving the scene. I gave them his name license number and phone number that I had gotten, along with my name and number. There must have been 20 people in the lobby from minor accidents that had just happened. Then I told mom I was not bringing her to her house its way out of the way till the roads were salted. We went back to my house and Roland came directly here when he got out he was mad that she even had the car out but was glad there was no damage we told him it wasnt snowing when she came over and she left as soon as it started cuz she knew he would be mad otherwise. It looked like bumper cars out there.
After all the driving stuff was explained we proceded to install 4 new replacement windows they werent easy but not really hard either. next weekend we are going to put new trim inside the frame and around the outside they are going to make a big difference in the heating cost and my favorite thing about them no more looking for sticks to hold the damn window open in the summer. Oh summer how I miss the, I think fall is my absolute favorite time of year but I hate the slippery roads of winter.
Ok so after all this my GREAT news I bought Michael and I tickets to Florida we are leaving Feb 9 and coming home the 13th just a quick weekend to visit with KAT and take the kids to disney so Michael can go on space mountain this year he will be tall enought for all the rides at disney and I think all but 1 at MGM. I havent decided if I want to go to MGM or to sea world or maybe Universal but we are going to 2 different places and spending one day at the beach weather permitting. Know what Ray is doing that weekend Ice fishing in New Hampshire. I hope its like 90 in Florida and -20 in New Hampshire. Arent I nice LOL The funniest part of all this is one week later school vacation week the tickets were 400 more than what I paid. Yeah I'm pulling Michael out of kindergarden for 3 days but I saved 800 by going a week before vacation and I bet there will be alot less people down there. When I called my mom and told her how much the tickets were she asked me to get tickets for her and Roland to go too. Her sister the one I drove the stuff down for last year is there so we are all flying on the same flights and when we get there we are getting our own rental cars and splitting up I'm staying with Kat and them with Deloris we will meet back up Sunday night and get back on the same planes on Monday should be a great time. I cant wait and neither can Michael he wants a calender so he can mark down the days till we go he is so funny.
Oh and Michael is feeling better kids pepto and tylenol are my new heros.
I'm tired now and am heading to bed have a great night.


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so do not miss that shit
The boys are very excited for everyone to come down and go to disney even though they are teens now. It will still be fun.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger dan said...

wow, you have a really eventful life.

nothing exciting happens to me.


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