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Sunday, November 27, 2005

sorry I'm a slacker

I have been seriously busy this week. Going back to work was exhausting I would get home make dinner and crash. Wednesday night I spent cleaning cuz I got elected to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I wont do it next year I like sitting back and having someone else cook soo much better. The bird wasnt huge but its trying to get everything done at the same time without burning anything or drying out the bird that is the trick. It was a success I got it all done right everyone ate and nobody complained kinda my kitchen is small and my grandmother wanted to help dry dishes I told her I was fine then she starts looking thru my cabnets "where are your towels I know you have some I bought them for you." "meme go sit down they are down the hall next to the washer I'm fine I will let them airdry and then we can all sit down" she got all huffy on me and I snapped I walked down the hall picked up like 10 towels and thru them on the table and said there are your damn towels. now you have to wait for me to be done anyways cuz there is no room for both of us in here. She goes well you dont have to get all bitchy. I'm like meme go sit down you are a guest end of story. I looked over an my dad the little shit was laughing. That was my Thanksgiving I was so tired I wanted them all to leave so I could sleep and thats what I did by 7pm I was snoring.
I had to work on Friday but I got a surprise when I got home my Secret Pal sent me a present. I soo needed a surprise it couldnt have come at a better time. Thank you Secret Pal I have been converting my needle supply over to bamboo and I didnt have that size yet.

We went out hunting yesterday not for ourselves we already have tagged out (meaning we got our deer) but a couple of our friends didnt get their deer. We went to our usual spots but didnt have any luck for them. We came home early and sat around watching movies the rest of the day. the new "XXX" is really good and "The longest yard" is a riot both worth renting
Today I ran up to the Christmas tree shop and started my christmas shopping I usually make all my presents but I just dont feel like it this year. I have done enough ceramics and crafts to last me awhile I hope people dont mind I just dont have the time or the energy. I lied I made a sweater for Katy that I still have to mail to MIL and have her finish for me but thats it for this year.
On the physical side of things I have to go back to the doc on Friday for a follow-up with everything that happened I am really gonna ask alot of ?'s this time about any side effects for any meds he wants to try I soo dont want to get sick again.
I'll try to post more this week but I dont really want to bore all of you with I worked, I slept, I worked, I slept, maybe something interesting will happen this week.


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