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Sunday, December 11, 2005

week in review

I cant believe it has been an entire week since I've blogged. I kept thinking of things to say and would get to busy or fall asleep. ok now for the short version of my week.
Monday must not have been to exciting I dont remember what I did except taking Michael to
Tae Kwon Do and watched him get to advancement stripes on his yellow belt.
Tuesday we went to the doctors and I learned how to give myself an injection in the leg once a week. We tired half a dose this week and will go to a full dose next week he figured that if I was going to have a reaction lets find out on half a dose.
Wednesday mmm nothing to speak of
Thursday wow I'm boring work, drive home go to bed what a day.
Friday MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Lets see my darling hubby gave me a $100 gift card to borders books said that would keep me busy for a couple of weeks he is soo right.
I have to say tho my day started off pretty shitty I felt like the worlds worse mommy but I later redeamed myself. You see they were calling for snow I'm used to snow and didnt think anything about it till I got to daycare. I walked in and told his teacher please dont let michael take his gameboy on the bus I dont want a bigger kid to take it, and his teacher says no worry there is no school today. The first thing I think is oh shit Michael doesnt have a lunch with him. He watches cartoons every morning so I didnt see the school cancellations on tv. I felt like shit I called everyone I could think of. And the snow started early and came fast. Just a quick fact that it always snows on my birthday cuz when I was younger I would get new cloths and would never be able to wear them cuz of the snow. Anyways I'm at work trying to find someone to bring him something when the idea struck I called the school to make sure it was ok and the plan was on. I called a pizza place used my cc and sent Michael Pizza at daycare so I was a good mommy again. I snuck out of work a couple of minutes early so I could pick up Michael in the snow then we all went to my mom's for baked haddock dinner. mmmm good. Michael spent the night with my mom to give Ray and I a chance to have fun what did we do went home and went to sleep man are we old.
Saturday We got up and went out to breakfast picked up Michael and went to see Nardia the lion the witch and the wardrobe. What a good movie I'm really glad we brought Michael with us. This is a definite buy when it comes out. Then Michael went to MeMe's house cuz we had plans for the night with a bunch of friends. But before we went out Ray the sneak had a surprise for me we went to the mall looking for a snowblower and Ray says lets stop in Wilsons leather. He new I was looking for a dress coat and had found one he liked for me and said to try it on. It is my Chrismas present and he needed me to try it on so he didnt get the wrong size its beautiful black leather with fur lining 3/4 length. Next we went next door and says I guess you will have to find out both your christmas present I want to get you a mothers ring but you have to pick it out and size that too. So what I know what I'm getting they are things I will have forever. While at the jewely store I got an idea for Jamie's gift. We went and picked that out today. Then we went out with some friends and for us we stayed out till last call I cant remember the last time we did that.
Sunday I woke up at 630 and started Blueberry muffins and started staining the trim for the new windows we put in last weekend nothing like standing outside in your pjs in snow staining wood the neighbors must think I'm insain. Mark has slept on our couch since he has quite a few drinks last night and I wouldnt give him his keys. It was also a ploy since Ray needed a hand this morning putting things up top in the shed. When my mom and Roland got here me, mom and Jamie took off and went shopping I got the new leather but I still needed a jacket for snowmobiling and icefishing so we took off for LL Bean talk about insain two weeks before christmas the place was packed. Then I took Jamie to the jewelry store and told her Jamie this is what you are getting but you need to pick it out as it will be something you will have the rest of your life so we went in and ordered her high school class ring. She is a sophomore I am hoping having this ring will motivate her to graduate the year she should. We walked around the mall for a little bit and came home completely exhausted. But the day wasnt over we still neeed a tree its not very big and I dont have a hell of alot of decorations but its nice and Michael is happy what more can a parent want.
So that is my week in review hope your week went ok and next week is even better with the holiday coming if I dont come around for a few days dont panic I'm just really busy and really tired. Talk at ya soon.


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Real-E said...

The competitve archery sounds cool - a friend of mine just gave me a bow as I have been wanting to learn how to use one ever since I was a kid!

Lucky living so close to LL Bean - we must mail order. I grew up in Nova Scotia just across the way and really miss the ocean! Such is life!

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday!
Happy late birthday!

At 4:41 AM, Blogger dan said...

happy returns for last friday.

at school we used to call that story, the lion, the withch and the silly old bitch.

i wouldn't facny injecting myself. i'd get it all wrong.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Kari said...

aww I missed your birthday! I'm sorry, Happy Belated Birthday *hugs*


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