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Monday, December 19, 2005

crazy ucky weekend

Well this weekend completely sucked. I dont even remember what we did Friday night, Saturday we ran around and did some errands and got ready for the family Chrismas party at my moms house well on our way there I started to feel ucky, within an hour of getting there I started puking, and puking and I couldnt stop it sucked my entire family was there and everyone kept asking are you ok how r u feeling. I'm fucken puking my guts up people and my truck is blocked in the yard how the hell do you think I feel I want to go home. So we get out of there and I get the poops worse than the crohns poops like liquid. I know to much info but I want to share. Sunday I get up from bed not like I was sleeping and vegged on the couch all day got absuletly nothing done. Ray and Mark fixed the snowmobile trailer so at least when the sleds are ready at the garage Ray can go pick them up.
This morning Michael woke up not feeling good, everyone was working but my stepdad so he kept Michael till Ray got out of work and I started my day off today at the hospital getting an xray it was scheduled, I was told a small intestine x ray no big deal. I couldnt eat or drink after midnight and I didnt think any about that figured I had to be empty, well I get there they take one xray and say ok now you need to drink three glasses of this thick white barrium stuff, I'm like what I wasnt told about this she's like well you drnk these and we take an xray every 15 minutes till its all the way thru your bowels and then the doc takes some fancy pictures of your small intestines. So I'm like how long will this take she says 2-3 hours. I was thinking oh shit I need to get back to work. But no worry I have crohns it will run right thru me she kinda laughed. Well she comes back in 15 and takes one xray I go back to the waiting room wait like 5 minutes and she comes back and says your not going to believe this its all the way where it needs to be already. I wanted to go see I told ya so. When the doc came in he was kinda surprised too so instead of 2-3 hours I was out of there in less than an hour. one benefit of crohns I guess.
Michael is still yucky tonight I sooo hope he is better tomorrow cuz I have nobody to watch him and I cant take time off, crist I was late today and got the guilt trip all day about how far behind we were, I just dont want to listen to it.
ok enough crabbing its almost christmas is everyone ready I have two things left to get my dad and Rays sister. I am so not christmas mood yet I just hope we are all healthy next weekend.
Michael is crying got to go later


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