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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

no knitting for me:(

I am such an ass sometimes. I went to the coffee shop and guess what closed up tight. So I call Ray and I'm all blubbery "how am I going to ever meet new friends if I cant find something to do" boo hoo hoo He was all supportive and shit but not like he can do anything about it. So I stop and grab a bite to eat since Michael and Ray had ate before dance class. I get home and dig through the trash can next to my desk cuz that is where I put the paper with the add and guess what I'm such a boob its tomorrow night. Last time I had seen the add it was the second Tuesday of the month so Tuesday stuck in my head and this paper said its Wednesday night at 5:30.
I will try again tomorrow hopefully they are actually there. I'll keep you posted.

I did have a nice surprise when I got home I had an email from my secret pal and after the blubbering I had just done it really made me smile. I wonder if the people that started Secret Pal knew they would have a real impact on some of our otherwise boring lives.


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