Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I cant believe I havent posted in a week. I was thinking I posted just the other day. Anyways it was freezing here last weekend, so I finally wallpapered my kitchen. Last year when I was laid off I peeled all the old wallpaper and have been looking at the discusting stuff underneath for a year. It took 8 hours on Sunday to wallpaper an 11x11 room going around all the cabinets and stuff and to think that we only did from the window sill up on one wall. This weekend we are going to put shiplap boards on the lower half of the room. I cant wait. The new windows are already in all that will be left is the floor and the trim. I am not going to do what I did in Jamies room I got everything done and still hadn't done the final trim now it looks bad again and I'm going to have start her room over.
I took some before pictures of the kitchen I cant wait for the after. Its funny Ray was going to go ice fishing with Michael on Sunday but the roads were too bad and he decided not to go but man was he not happy about it. He practically refuses to help with the redo. My mom and stepdad spent the entire day helping me and Ray got off the couch maybe twice when we hollered to him that he was needed. What is it with most men not caring at all what the house looks like as long as there is food and a bed the hell with the rest of the house.

Tonight I think I'm going to a sip and knit coffee thing that I saw in the paper. I had seen it advertised last year ran straight there from work and nobody was there the coffee shop was closed up tight no signs nothing. I saw it again last week in the what to do section of the paper for tonight so I think I will give it another shot. I need to make some local female friends where this shop is isnt the best of areas to meet people if you were on the street but you never know I might get surprised.I'll let you know what happens.

Before I forget thanks for all the new hair comments I'm still not completely used to it I keep trying to put it over my shoulder to get it out of my face and it just isnt long enough. But on the upside it is sooo much faster to take care of and was I cut my morning time down by 15 minutes just on brushing out the knots.

and Finally the countdown to Michaels and my vaction is on one month from Thursday and we are heading to Universal in Florida. Michael wants to make a countdown calender so he can mark off the days till we leave.


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