Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've become the blogger that I hate. I actually scan my blogroll at least once a day but I have been posting about once a week. I hate it when other people do that and now I have fallen into the trend. I'm sorry I'll try to be better but I am so boring lately that I just don't think you all would be too interested. That's winter in Maine for yah.
It is finally starting to warm up and guess what we went boat shopping today nothing new matter of fact the boat we were looking at was made the year I was born but its in mint shape. I of course had to call my meme for a loan. We have saved up half of what the man wants but with Ray out of work last week we are gonna be just short. Kinda funny how we found this boat Maine has this book that comes out every week called the uncle henry's its like a giant classified add for the entire state, a new one comes on on Thursdays and if you don't call about something by Friday its usually gone. So ray picks up the book looking for a boat, I can thru all the other sections and find something in the kids corner that catches my eye. 53 little golden books for $25. and its only the next town over. I called Saturday morning and lucked out she still had them. When we got there and were talking to her, she started telling us that they had to sell everything due to a nasty divorce, well on the side of the garage there was a boat about the size we were looking for so I asked is the boat for sale she says yup, we walked around the house its an older boat 18 foot with a trailer (that needs to be replaced soon) fish finder, radio and lots of other extras. Today we went over and met with her soon to be ex and took the tarps off to get a better look inside. Ray made him an offer and he took it pending when Ray meets him over there this week that the motor starts. We offered him almost 1000 less than what he was asking so we got a good deal even if we have to buy a trailer before the end of summer. I took a couple of pictures but Ray is on his computer so I cant upload them right now but I will just as soon as we actually get it just in case, I don't want to curse ourselves.

You remember when during Secret Pal 6 I said that my pal wasn't the best I never even found out who she was never reveled herself nothing well I got an email from the hostess of secret pal 7 and I guess one of the other spoilers did the same to her pal never send anything no contact and now wont contact the hostess. So she asked if I could help and send a little something to the spoiley that got stiffed. Today I got a box together and will send it out tomorrow especially since I know exactly how it feels. I'm SO lucky that I have a great Pal that stays in touch and always sends little ecards and stuff that puts a smile on my face everytime.

We're taping The Dukes of Hazzard on PPV so I'm gonna go watch have a great night.


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was worried I was being a bad Sp because I still need to send off your package! I will admint it is because I am working on somethign for you and I don't quite have it finished. I keep thinking I am going to get it done and then oops! Life hits. I am going to get it done this week though. PROMISE!!!!!! and I'm glad your getting the boat. I know you've been looking for awhile now.



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