Saturday, April 01, 2006

Never say it cant get much worse cuz it can. ah man remember a few months ago I posted pictures of my newly redone bathroom guess what its not so nice anymore. We have to tear out the entire bathroom and I'm talking tub shower and all well the counter so far can stay we'll see. What happened is this we put down this nice new tile after taking up all the old floor and within a week water starting coming up from the crack. We were both like mmm maybe michael splashed in the tub or its from out showers and didnt think any more of it. The other morning I'd had enought the water had seaped thru all the tiles into the hall this is a little more that shower water. So at 5am I took up with no effort all the new tiles, it took 3 towels to soak up the water I was ugly by now. When Ray got home we took the face off the tub dont ask its a mobile home and the tub comes apart. We see where its been dripping of course its from one of the pipes in the back of the shower but if that was the only issue no big deal but we got mold yuck my stepdad says its not the super bad kind but bad enough that all the wood has to come out. Which means the tub and shower, we have to see how far it spread we have to put a new floor and take all the insulation out from under the house so it doesnt rot. Talk about alot of work I took some before picts but ray took the camera fishing with them so I cant load them till later. Today I'm going to my first intermediate spinning class then all the way to oxford cuz its the ONLY place in this entire state that carries a 27x54 inch bathtub we have to room to put in a full sized tub I really wish we did but nope no luck there either. I told the guy at the place that has them you got this market cornered dont you he just laughed.
Last night we had a great night thank to Sheri we tried a new resturaunt in Wells that neither one of us had ever been to called the steak house wow she was right that place is to die for after you get over the hour wait. I cant imagine the line in the summer holy cow. Ray got the duck with raspberry sauce and I got the shrimp/ steak combo and we shared both meals. The duck was just as good as the steak.mmmmmm When I told a woman at work we were going to try it out she said why special occasion, I'm like nope its to start the next week of our bathroom in hopes of us not killing each other before its done. LOL

list to do do:
go to spinning class
go pick up the tub/shower
tear out everything from the bathroom
empty out Jamies room ( the pipe access is in the back of her closet)
-- strip the insulation from under the house
Mon --
got to work at 4am to get time cards done before leaving for docs
(end of months stuff has to be done by 9am)
go from my cervix recheck from the cancer scare last summer 2 more left.
Get supplies wood, pipes etc
Tues --
take michael to the throat doc for consult on tonsils
--bring michael to school so we have some quiet
--attempt to put my bathroom back together cross your fingers for us.

of course friday I have an appointment with the gastro doc for a recheck that I will litterly have to run to on my lunch break the guy I work next to is taking friday off cuz I'm taking Tuesday and guess what Michaels parent/teacher conference is Friday at 2 I wont be able to go again. The last one was on the day that I got admitted to the hospital in Oct. Just my luck again. Damn it.

Ok I need to get this show on the Road try to have a good weekend as you can see I'm gonna be pretty busy around here. No knitting for me this weekend.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Kari said...

Go god woman, seems life is hitting us all in the balls lately.
Good luck with everything you have going on.
Nothing bad happened to cause my rant, just alot of buildup from the past weeks of stress.

Take care!

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

Hey I'm so glad you tried the Steakhouse!! I told you it was but the damn wait is a killer. Was it just you and Ray who went? No kids? My husband and I eat out so rarely without our daughter it's like a date almost.

I'm so sorry about the leak behind and under your new bathroom. How horrible to have to start all over again.

We ought to plan to meet up sometime. Our husbands both like to hunt and fish so they'd have alot to talk about!

At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit girl! That sucks. Take it easy and don't kill each
Love ya,

At 12:50 PM, Blogger dan said...

nothing worse than plumbing problems

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

I hope your week gets better soon.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Melody said...

Wow, you have one busy week ahead of you! We had a similar problem in our bathroom, had to replace all of the wooden trim, put down a new floor ect. We made it thru without killing each other so I'm very proud of myself...LOL


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