Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well its Tuesday Im not at work today to much to do. We are waiting right now for my stepdad to come over so we can finish the bathroom I sooo need a shower right now. This morning we went to the tonsil doc with Michael he is getting them out next Tuesday around noon she only does the surgeries in the afternoon with the youngest patient first and right now he is the youngest to go. Then he gets to stay home for the next two weeks. We will be splitting the time up between all the grandparents the first week and the second week his big sister Jamie has off from school so she can watch him for us.
Think the help is here I'll take some finished pictures later. See ya

edit note: Can I cry now the fucken tub it too low to the floor so it wont drain so the guys have to run to get wood which we were NOT planning on having to do and we have parent/teacher conference today at 2;45 michael has dance at 5;30 and I want a fucken shower. ahhhhhh. at this point I'm not sure how its all going to look when they are done but I dont care as long as the thing is in and I'm soo mad the guy at the store he said it would fit but he cant know where every drain pipe is and now I'm going to have to paint the entire bathroom again I thought I would get away not having to paint but no the surround is going to leave a gap now and I dont have enough of the old paint to cover it. I'm sorry the guys just left and I needed to vent I'll try to come back later.


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