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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wet wet wet

Man do I wish it would stop raining. I had a mostly wonderful mothers day and hope you did too. We did go to the fiber festival in New Hampshire today in the rain. It took us a little longer to get there than it should because a lot of roads were flooded one to the point of being gone like tar and all washed away. We were glad we had brought Michaels muck boots when we got there the mud was deep in some places, believe it or not I only bought a little surprise for my secret pal, I have a lot in my own roving stash right now and couldn't justify spending money there when I can go to my local shop and get alot of the same stuff. We had a little lunch there and ventured home taking the highway instead of the back roads. We made a stop at Kittery Trading Post which was my thank you to hubby for going to NH with me. Kittery is a hunting fishing store his favorite. Then on the way home guess what the south bound lane of the Maine turnpike was covered in water and we thought the highway would be better glad we were going north.
When we got home my daughter called and said she was stopping over she brought me three little ceramic figures to put in my yard. Know the best part this is the first time in 4 years that she has remembered mothers day. I cried the first 2 and was pissy for the second but she made my day just remembering. Oh hubby did good too he got me a set of ashford hand carders he actually went to the fiber store himself and told Melodie who he was she knew exactly what I wanted he told her "I think Ive been set up I didn't know what to get her and was hoping you had an idea and here she told you what she wanted" LOL yup I did and it worked I got exactly what I wanted he is such a great guy.
Anyways back to my Daughter she was going up to the VA to see papa, she said he was better yesterday and wanted to take Michael we were like ok no prob we need a break and he loves Papa. Twenty minutes later she calls and says mommy papa is having a bad day he fell again and meme is all upset and now Michael is upset. The nurse had called papas oldest daughter (no relation to me) and they were going to stay with meme until someone else got there so she wasn't alone. Papa was real dizzy and had a headache they think he had another mini stroke. I sat home for a couple of minutes and told Ray to bring me up to be there and worse case bring Mike home and I could drive meme home if I had to. So we went up, Michael wanted to ride home with his sister and I stayed with meme. I went in and sat with papa for awhile he kept saying your my special girl and I love you, then he said I'm going up there and pointed up. I told him not yet I'm not ready and he said that I'm his special gir, & I will always love you. I was crying and he gave me a hug and said I love you sweetheart. I really tried to hold it together that bitch of a daughter had the nerve to tell me in the hall I should really try not to cry in front of him it upsets him. You bitch don't you think I tried I so wanted to slap her but I kept my mouth shut for now. I told papa I would be in to have my lunch with him tomorrow and he clapped his hands. I don't know how he will be though they gave him a shot of morphine while I was there and are installing a morphine pump tomorrow so we know it wont be long now. God please watch over my papa, I'll miss him more than words can say but I know its better to go than suffer in a body that doesn't want to work anymore.

Ok I need sleep if I'm not around the next few days you know why between visiting papa and trying to keep Michaels life as normal as possible I'm going to be really busy.


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