Thursday, May 04, 2006

sorry I lied about posting again the other night but I have been so busy then I'm tired and once I sit in my recliner thats it I'm done I know I want to blog and say "I'll do it in the morning" then I oversleep.
We took the boat out last saturday and sunday, saturday it kept stalling the guy we bought it from had alot of old fuel in it so we changed the fuel filter sunday before we went out. we didnt catch any fish but we had a great time the weather was great. Michael started tball saturday morning he is doing good already and all the kids on his team are really nice.
Monday my mom emails me and says Roland is done Michaels bunk bed and he want to come over and set it up. So she took mike to tae kwon do and I helped Roldand, Ray had a meeting at the club. well by 8pm I'm dropping shit I'm so tired so I tell him Roland we really need to finish this another night. So its half put up and Michael is sleeping in his sisters room untill we get it all up and polly it. I think that will be Saturday mornings project before tball.
Yesterday I went for my second remicade treatment, the nurse said after the second or third one I should notice a difference. They at least sat me in the chair near the little tv yesterday so it made the time go by a little faster. Sitting there for 4 hours is still no fun. They gave me benidril before the remicade just in case I have a reaction that stuff makes me so drowsy. Ray took Mike to tball last night they had to have it indoors because its been raining for 2 days, we needed the rain and the sun came back today so it wasnt that bad.
I skipped spinning this week my papa had another stroke and I had to stop by and see how bad he was. He was having a hard time swallowing and speaking and nobody wants to give him a feeding tube so I hope he can swallow soon so we dont lose him.
Even though I skipped spinning, I did knit the entire time I was at the hospital. I worked on my red sweater for awhile then went back to the dishcloths when I got fustrated with the sweater pattern.I really want to get this sweater done but find I take out more rows somedays than I put in.

You know reading this I'm a really boring person busy but boring anyone else ever feel like that.
ok back to work I'm slacking I dont feel like being here with the sun out,I'll save my sick days for this summer when I can take Michael to the beach. See ya.


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