Monday, April 24, 2006

Week in Review
Well Wednesdays remicade adventure at the hospital was soo boring. I got there at 1 they had to give me a shot of steriods just in case of an allergic reaction. Then they start the iv 2.5 hours later they take the iv out and you have to sit there for another half hour just in case. I am glad I brought my knitting. I had them tape up the iv so I wouldnt rip it out with my needles by accident. It was kinda funny where they do this at the hospital is the same place they take you to recover from outpatient surgery well by 3pm everyone was gone I was all alone. I beeped the nurse to ask her for some soda and just so she wouldnt forget me there she thought that was funny.
Michael is alot better he went back to school today, lets hope his teacher isnt ready to kill him he was so full of it this morning.
We got the kitchen floor done Saturday and we got a really good deal too. We had found some tile we like for $1. each/30 in a box. We got them in the cart and were walking around home depo when we spotted a palet of another tile mmm this doesnt look to bad it was $10. for a box of 45. so our floor cost of $30 instead of 150 we were able to get some other things for the house that was going to have to wait otherwise. The bathroom is 98% done just a little trim left on that.
The only bummer of the weekend is we brought the boat that we are keeping down to the river and it has an inboard/outboard motor which you raise when hauling. Well when we bought the boat the motor was down we watched him raise it before we brought it home. When we put it in the river the damn motor wouldn't go down which means we couldnt try out the boat. So now we have to have that fix hopefully it doesnt cost to much, the good way to look at it at least it didnt break in 3 weeks when we really want to go fishing better now than later. Tomorrow I"m going to bring it to work with me and have one of the mecanics here look at it, he said he would give it a shot.
ok its time to go home Ray is working a double so I have to bring Michael to tae kwon do for the first time in 2 weeks hopefully he didnt forget everything he knew.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

great deal on the tiles! DOn't you love it when you hit a score like that? yeah for you!

sorry about the boat motor. Hope it's an easy fix. I know my hubby would be freakin' right out if that was his boat but Ray porbably has more patience!


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